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<p>Shanks Shoeware Inc. is very pleased to offer an internship opportunity.</p>
<p>We are an Austrian company with an American division located in Denver, Colorado. We are in the fashion industry and produce innovative and high quality shoes and accessories. Shanks High Heels stand for individuality, elegance and unique design.  You will be part of our young and dynamic team to support our USA market entrance.</p>
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<p><strong><em>Please find the following specifics of our internship offer:</em></strong></p>
<p>Position:                                                  PR and Social Media Assistant</p>
<p>Start Date:                                               immediately</p>
<p>Number of Work Hours per Week:         approximately 5-10 hours per week / flexible</p>
<p>Reporting Relationship/Supervisor:        You will be reporting to Ines Shanks, Managing Director and Designer of Shanks Shoeware located in Austria by email</p>
<p>(<span><a href="mailto:ines.shanks@shanks-shoeware.com">ines.shanks@shanks-shoeware.com</a></span>) or video and phone conference</p>
<p>Work location:                                         this is a job offer based work at home</p>
<p>Salary:                                                     by personal agreement depending on your academic year and resume </p>
<p><strong>Internship Responsibilities:                 Your weekly responsibilities will include the following</strong></p>
<li>Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content</li>
<li>Create a regular publishing schedule</li>
<li>Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns</li>
<li>Promote content through social advertising</li>
<li>Writing effective press releases</li>
<p>Should you have any questions regarding the offer, please contact us by email: <span><a href="mailto:office@shanks-shoeware.com">office@shanks-shoeware.com</a></span></p>
<span style="color: #9900ff;"><strong><em>Ines Shanks</em></strong></span>